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Our 16th biennial reunion is currently being planned

for Stateline, NV (South Lake Tahoe)     15 - 18  Oct 2020
in the

Hard Rock Hotel and Casino
Rate - $50/night,  Sun - Thurs
$89/night, Fri.    $155/night, Sat

Group code: SATREUNION  or Call Kimberly in Group Sales (775-589-7670)

Host: Nancy Lemmon
Links to RV parks and other Lake Tahoe info





Arrival Day  -  Check in  
16 Oct    
17 Oct Banquet, cost $50.00  
18 Oct Departure Day - Check out  

More details to come

Hi, Everyone!!

At long last, I can finally relay the details re banquet menu, T-shirt sizes/cost, and [drum roll ... 🥁] ...  the price to attend!!

At the bottom of this email, there’s a section you can fill out.  Techno T-Rex that I am 🦖, the only way I know how to do this is for you to block-copy everything below the line of asterisks ********** into a new email back to me, with your choices all typed in.  Email to:  LemmonHerk@aol.com.  As for getting your payment to me, PayPal or Venmo are the easiest, since both apps are free to use (and free to download, if you need to).  My mobile phone number is 415-385-6282.

SO!!  This reunion wasn’t happening until Covid-19 forced my early return from Asia, so I decided I might as well take it on to keep busy, since I’m here anyway.  It occurred to me also that this might be our last reunion, unless someone steps up to the plate at the banquet and swings for 2022.  So, just in case you all prove yourselves to be weenies, and 2020 DOES end up as our last hurrah, I’ve called in a favor for a very special treat, just for us!  From 1:30-4:00 pm on Saturday, the 17th (Banquet Day), I’ve chartered the 80-ft. Safari Rose to take all the SAT Reunion attendees on a Lake Tahoe cruise over to Emerald Bay and back!  There will be appetizers + a full cash bar on board.  Mid-October temperatures for Tahoe are in the low 60s, +/-, so it should be just perfect; however, “should” is a dicey word in 2020.  Bring a sweater or jacket, just in case. 

Even if paying later, let me know # and sizes ASAP, because he has to order them in.  Any not ready in time to bring to the reunion will be mailed to you, at no further cost. $19 ea.
SIZES:  S-M-L-XL-2X-3X (men’s/women’s)

I was going to offer T-shirts in two colors, but the sample he ran for me on a white shirt looked so much better than I’d expected, I just went with that.  All are short-sleeved, 100% cotton, and (allegedly) pre-shrunk.  Men’s crew-neck and women’s V-neck, with large graphic on the back and small one in the left chest-pocket area.  If you want to order long-sleeved, sweatshirts, or hoodies, let me know and I’ll get you a price.

CHEST (gray blob, top of lake, will be gone):



Yes, I know Covid-19 is no laughing matter; I’m just trying to make the best out of a bad situation.  2020 sucks, no way around it.) 

BANQUET MENU (4-course dinner):
Appetizer - Bruschetta (tomato, basil, pine nuts, balsamic reduction)
Salad - Cucumber, tomato, hearts of 🌴, red onions, romaine, herb croutons, dill dressing
Dessert - assorted mini-desserts, 4/person
Sides - Garlic mashed potatoes, sautéed button mushrooms
Beverage - water, iced tea, coffee, cash bar;
two bottles of wine per table (at least! 😉)
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
• Mushroom Ravioli (vegetarian) - mixed mushroom-stuffed ravioli, Parmesan cream sauce, toasted panko crust; -or-
• Chicken Piccata - lightly dredged chicken breast, lemon, herbs, broccolini, roasted sweet onion, lemon-caper sauce; -or-
• Salmon - grilled with lemon/dill sauce; -or-
• Prime Rib - au jus, salt/pepper crusted, with horseradish.

(Block-copy below w/ your info, email to me)




T-SHIRT, #/SIZES/🚹🚺 @ $19: 

                 Men’s, #/size:  

                 Women’s, “ “:  

PRICE PER PERSON, incl. reunion, banquet, cruise, hospitality suite (w/ snacks, bar):
 - Ravioli or chicken dinner ..... $  95
 - Salmon dinner .....................    105
 - Prime Rib dinner ..................    110

TOTAL (shirts + meals) ..................... $

Add up your T-shirts, @ $19, and your meal choices, per above; PayPal or Venmo it to:
        Nancy Lemmon, 415-385-6282

Again, even if you pay later, EMAIL ME YOUR T-SHIRT ORDER ASAP!!

If I’ve forgotten anything, just email me.  We have about 30-35 RSVPs so far, so if you know of anyone who isn’t in the loop, please forward this to them.  SEE YOU THERE! 

- Nancy

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